My name is Roscoe B. MacTavish!!
As Adventure Dog at the Catonsville Yacht Club,
I had plenty of opportunity to get out and around.
Sadly for my human pals, on June 18, 2016, I went to Puppy Heaven.

My outlaw days.

I have artillery.

The Sea Dog look.

With my cat sister, Marmalade.

Sharking in Virginia.

Deer hunting in the fall.

Yukon dog.

On duty as watch dog.

Who says
Scotties can't swim?

Travelin' puppy.

I was a pup once!

This was a BIG SNOW in 2010!!

Jefferson was a fan of Scotties!

Checking my Angus herd.

My pal Barney.

Working in the Sail Loft.

Books can tell you a lot!

Famous Scottish Terriers often hang out together!
Megan Morrison visited in September, 2014

Megan gets the comfy bed.

Showing Megan the 'hood

Streets are dangerous!

I share my hideout with other Scotties.

On the back porch

There's a varmint!
Let's get 'em!
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